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Version 2.4 Released!
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 20.09.2009 Time 16:26

During all the trouble about TF2 updates, halos and "cheaters", we shouldn't forget one mod that's being worked on hard, too. And it also has small but faithful community. We're talking about Fortress Forever.

The makers of this Sourcemod have released version 2.4 after months work. Along with many optimizations to the HUD, they have also made many balancing changes to give the game the old TFC feeling. Shotguns reload faster, the nails of the Nailgun are now as fast as the ones of TFC and players that are hit are now slowed down. This is just a small part of the changes. The complete changelog can be found at the Fortress Forever site.

The download mirrors for version 2.4 can be found here.

Have fun trying it out :-)


fforever - ff_23_impact01.jpg - thumbnail fforever - ff_23_impact02.jpg - thumbnail fforever - ff_23_impact03.jpg - thumbnail
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