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*Updated* 10th Class NOT Revealed: The Guard Dog
Written by Unknown on 21.09.2009 Time 20:40

Update: The guys and girls at Valve seem to be impressed by this idea. They put a response on their blog:

The time and effort that Valve's fans spend just to get their share of attention in the community is often amazing. There are dozens of machinimas, fansites and mods. This is why we wanted to show you this (faked, of course) TF2 update: The Guard Dog Update.

A TF2 Update Fake

We liked it because it's done very well. It has the whole package, which means that it introduces the new weapons and achievements. E.g. there's the Helper, that will hold an ammopack or a medkit, and you're able to give it away to a teammate. This makes the Guard Dog sound a little bit like the Medic of TFC, but just a little.
Nuff said, take look at The Guard Dog Update.

We also say thanks to Ryd3r here, because he brought it up.



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