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TF2 Bugfixes and Changes
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 15.10.2009 Time 07:56

It was only a few days ago, that Robin Walker confirmed, that L4D2 (who, apart from me can't help to think about star wars androids rather than an Ego Shooter?) is finished and we can look forward to another TF2 update.

Apart from the usual bugfixes, some really nice changes found their way into this update. It has been some time, since the beloved "equip" command got removed from the game. It allowed loadout switching using a simple bind command e.g. switch from the standard medigun to the Kritzkrieg with one single button. With "+quickswitch" another approach to this got implemented.
With the new server convar tf_teamtalk, clans who do not happen to have a voice-server are now enabled  to use a similar voice-chat ingame. Another interesting fact about this cvar: Ingame voice is saved in recorded demofiles.
Last but not least, the heavy will now receive points, when his teammates replenish hitpoints using his sandvich.

The complete changelog:
Team Fortress 2

  • Added "+quickswitch" command, which brings up a small panel allowing you to rapidly change the loadout of your current class & active weapon slot
  • Added server ConVar "tf_teamtalk" to allow alive/dead teammates to talk with each other during a match (default is 0)
  • Added 1/2 Bonus Point for healing a teammate with a dropped sandvich
  • Updated the class menu to show the local player's current class
  • Updated server ConVar "tf_playergib" to have 3 settings for player gibs: 0: never, 1: normal, 2: always (default is 1)
  • Updated "player_hurt" game event to include "damageamount" and "crit" values
  • Fixed a rare crash in particle system
  • Fixed being able to eat your sandvich (via taunt) and drop it in the same frame
  • Fixed not correctly remembering the last weapon if you're using "remember active weapon" and the last weapon was the weapon in slot 0
  • Fixed Medic not being able to release his UberCharge if his team won the previous round and the Medigun was his last active weapon (while using "remember last active weapon")
  • Fixed not remembering the last active weapon correctly if the player didn't die before the next round restart
  • Prevented servers from using steam:// commands in their MOTD text
  • Fixed using the regen cabinets to get more health than you should when you switch between weapons with/without max health reduction attributes
  • Fixed friendly-fire/spectator exploit using projectiles
  • Fixed disguised spies not getting ammo from enemy dispensers
  • Fixed thrown sandvich traveling through players before being activated
  • Fixed sandviches sometimes spawning inside walls, or being thrown through thin walls
  • Fixed fire overlay drawing on hats in DX80
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed servers to corrupt client's item database
  • Fixed full packet updates showing cloaked Spies for an instant
  • Fixed a prediction error resulting in mis-predictions of crits

Community requests

  • Added new "func_flag_alert" entity that fires an alert when a player carrying a flag starts touching the entity
  • Added server ConVar "bot_crouch" to make bots crouch
  • Added model override for item_teamflag entity
  • Added ability to turn off particle trail for players carrying the item_teamflag entity
  • Updated team_train_watcher to support 8 cp/track links (was previously 4)


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