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Update - We present: the user-center
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 15.10.2009 Time 18:51

Robin Walker and Co. are not the only ones working on bugfixes and new features: We do that too!

Some of you may have already recognized one of the new features in their private access areas. The TFPortal User-Center (for registered members only) gives you a quick overview about everything that happens on TFPortal. It gives you a summary of all the changes on TFPortal since your last browser session, or while the last 24 hours.

This includes comments, news, guestbook entrys and the latest forum threads.

Furthermore, the signature editor (also only for registered members) has been moved to the user-center.

Other changes of the TFPortal changelog:

  • User-Center added
  • Signature editor moved from the profile page to the user center
  • Comments are now separated by their language.
  • Ads are back
  • Removed option to deactivate ads for members
  • Removed achievement generator

Som more info: On the 17th and 18th of October, we will move to another server. Due to this, TFPortal may not be reachable on these two days. Good news is, that our webspace will multiply by ten. With this boost of webspace, we will be able to host even more maps, skins, sprays, videos and demos for you.

The future of TFPortal is safe!


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