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ETF2L launches ladder system (BETA)
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 20.10.2009 Time 00:38

After a long discussion concerning a ladder system within the ETF2L, the admins made their decision and launched the new tournament mode. The ladder system has already been integrated into the website and entered the beta state, where the feedback of the playing teams is required and appreciated. Signups are free for any 6on6 team with at least 6 registered players in their roster. Instead of the predetermined match days, you are now enabled to challenge your opponent whenever you like. Anytime! To challenge a team multiple times though, you will have to wait 5 days until you can request another match.

The new points system is very easy to describe. If you win, you get 50 points. Additionally, you get a certain amount of bonus points, which are based on the current rank of the team you defeated and your rank. In a nutshell, the higher the rank of the other team compared to yours, the more points you get. But, if you only challenge teams weaker than you, the points will be diminished to a certain extent, also determined by your rank and their rank. You can predict the amount of points via the equation posted below. This example shows, how many points teams ranked 1st or 10th would get in case of victory.

Team 1. wins:     50 Pts.+ ((1-10)/20 * 50) = 27.5 points total!

Team 10. wins:   50 Pts.+ ((10-1)/20 * 50) = 72.5 points total!

To prevent teams from camping on high ranks with points from previous matches, you loose 2 points per day of inactivity. For further questions and feedback, please visit the matching thread at the ETF2L forums. By the time this news was written, 33 teams already signed up for the ladder.



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