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"Meet the ..." - a different approach
Written by Unknown on 26.10.2009 Time 14:43

There exist quite a few machinima that tries to copy the style of the original "Meet the ..." videos, but how about a more realistic approach? When I mean "realistic" I mean to combine TF2 with other elements from the real world. Temp Fortress 2, for instance, showed us a quite entertaining documentary about unemployed classes, and Top FPS took up the epic task to determine the best FPS ever in a game show.

Today we show you 3 more videos with a different approach.

Credit goes to Mr.X for the 1st video, DasMatze for the 2nd video and tfou02 for the 3rd video.


Team Fortress 2: The Pyro answers your questions!


The Pyro in an interview on TF2 Live.

PS.: In case that you don't know what "W + M1" means, watch this video.

Behind the Bat: A Scout Documentary (TF2 Machinima)


A TF2 Life coverage: The Scout and his BONK! addiction.


fun spirit



An advertisement video based on a French ad campaign - this time with TF2 classes.



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