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Team TFPortal returns with 2 squads
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 28.10.2009 Time 11:10

Exactly on the 21st of April, we informed you, that the TF2 Team of TFPortal turns its back on competetive play. After a short break, the old fellows couldn't resist any longer and founded a new squad under the flag of de VeAre.

Team TFPortal.de

But now, they returned to TFPortal, and they brought a secound squad with them. The old team around  de Dietschey and de m4rci teamed up with some previously unknown TF2 players and entered the changing rooms and training courts. Right at the moment, the team is listed in the 4th division of the ongoing ETF2L season. After 2 successful matches, the team is currently ranked 2nd.

The team  (ETF2L-Link) is formed by de Bluesky, de Kain, de vanHunt and de brt. Additionally  at Eisinc and de Aim have been spotted on the battleflied. If they actually join the team is not confirmed until now.

Along the old TFP-TF2 team another squad was added to our roster. Under the promising name                     de TFPortal.de | new Generation (ETF2L-Link) former VeAre.blue will play for TFPortal as well. The team currently fights in the 6nd Division and is ranked 5th. The linup consists of the following players:

de Miata
de peter4life
de cruZer
de S.Y.G.O.R.S.
de Mucka
de electrizzity
de r0bster
de Crossfire
de Maaasta
Whats  TFPortal.de | new Generation all about?
The TFPOrtal team doesn't only receive reinforcements from former Veare.Silver: former VeAre.blue decided to join them. They are currently playing in division 6E and fight for  ascendency. The foundation of this team was caused by oldschool TF2 player dietschey, who did not hesitate to turn 6 average public players into a competing DIV6 team (Many thanks again for this). The 6 former public-rockers thengot joined by 2 fullmembers, who complete the team.

We welcome both teams to TFPortal and wish them all best for the oncoming matches!


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