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TFPortal wants you
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 29.10.2009 Time 07:40

It is our goal, to deliver quality news and changes of all aspects of the TF2 scene and keep  you up-to-date. This involves collecting all the details and composing them to news for you, as well as to provide a platform  where you can exchange thoughts and opinions and grab all the information you need.  This leads us to having to reinforce our team.  We are in search for community members, who are able to work for themselves, as well as act as a team to accomplish our goals. So, are you interested in joining our TFPortal team and meet the requirements mentioned above? Then leave us your application via staff@tfportal.de. BUT, be advised that applying for the tasks mentioned above requires a certain amount of time and dedication. We don't want employees, who apply and then quit again after 1 month.


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