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New TF2 achievements and updates?
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 12.11.2009 Time 23:34

The interview:

There is new gossip about our most favourite game floating around again.
6 days ago  G4TV released an interview starring Abbie Heppe and Chet Faliszek, one of the story writers of L4D2. During this interview, Abbie Heppe is being guided through the holy halls of Valve and gets a lot of insight into the ongoing work.



The gossip:

During this interview, some very vigilant community members discovered some hints about oncoming TF2 changes. Starting from minute 6 Abbie enters the room where TF2 is developed, and Chet Faliszek confirms, that there will be a new update. At 6:15 you can also see, what is being speculated on in the forums: A new item for the medic and a new heavy achievement.

The "proof":

And here is the frame that caused all the speculations:

Vavle Entwicklerstudio TF2

On the upper screen, one should see the model of the medic, and on the lower one a new achievement, which is quite similar to the "Red Oktoberfest" achievement for the heavy. Of course, this could also mean, that Valve is working on some bug fixes or reworks said achievement. Or, maybe, the medic will get a red-white scarf, who knows.

Maybe one of you guys discovered something else. Aside from that, enjoy the interview, because most of the time, it is, of course, about Left 4 Dead 2.


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