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NC-Finals: Vod online | The ETF2L turned 2
Written by Unknown on 23.11.2009 Time 15:48

The ETF2L Nation Cup Finales have been a real highlight. Both teams showed on 3 maps that they belong to the best teams in Europe. Whoever missed the Victory of Finland against Sweden has now the oppertunity to download the N2O.TV VOD from TFPortal.

Should you still be bored or do you just have too much time then we can only recommend you our other VOD´s from the German national team.


Besides the great matches, the ETF2L turned two years old. Which has begun as a basic Team Fortress 2 League is now one of the biggest E-Sports Website for TF2. We from TFPortal would like to congratulate Daykiller and the other Staff for their great achievements which have made this Project so successful.

Even Valve didn´t miss this event and congratulated in their newest TF2 Blog entry.


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