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TF2 for 2,50 € was a huge success
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 27.11.2009 Time 12:18

With Steam, Valve created one of the most successful Online Distribution and Marketing Platforms for PC Games. The amount of games you can buy is huge and with the help of discounts it even brings some extra money.

But how  successful has the Team Fortress 2 Halloween-Special , where you had three times the chance to buy the game for only 2,50€, been?

According to our german colleagues from HLPortal it was a huge success.

TF2 Sales Halloween 2.49 - 2.50As you can see in the chart on the right side there have been three sale spikes. Every spike is one of the Halloween Special Sales for 2,50€.

The other spikes are known as the so called "Steam Effect". Even after the Halloween Special was finished there where still more sales than in the week before this special.

Valve describes this effect in the following way:
Gamer who already have bought the game for a minimum price recommend TF2 to their friends which then also buy the game after the special.

The same effect could be noticed with World of Goo. The game was available for a short time for a price which each buyer could decide for himself. Some customers only payed 0.01 Cent whereas others also payed more then the regular selling price.

Simultaneously the game got so famous that the sales figures for the regular price rocketed upwards, altough the game was still available for a selectable price.

Also the Class Updates didn´t only rise the time of classes being played in the world statistics. Also the sales figures have been increased.

With Steam, Valve created a brilliant platform for themself and other developers to sell PC Games without any loss in profits.


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