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Soldier vs Demoman - A Bloodbath - 2.446.308 Kills
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 11.12.2009 Time 22:33

It's a bloodbath!

That is what Valve named their most recent blog title after. In the last 16 hours demomen and soldiers killed each other  2.446.308 times. After initial estimates the soldier is still a bit ahead of the demoman with a total of 1.390.017 kills compared to 1.290.988 kills for the demo.

Soldier vs. Demoman - 1. Tag

The competition for the secret 4th unlock for the winner remains thrilling.

Saxton Hale himself called on every TF2 player to take part in the biggest battle Team Fortress 2 has ever seen. According to him, this battle is so huge, you can even see it from space!

Our questions to you: Which class do you fight for? Soldier or demoman? How many kills have you contributed yourself?

Post it at the comments section!


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