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New status report & Help the propaganda!
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 12.12.2009 Time 11:25

Valve updated the figures of victims which lost their life in the war between soldier and demoman.And thanks to our german member "The Blur" we can now even do some statistics.

Soldier vs. Demoman - 2. Tag

At the moment there are a total number of 2.985.053 victims. 8 hours and 41 minutes have passed since the last update. Over this period there have been new 304.048 kills from demomans and soldiers.

In percentage the current status looks like this:

Second and up-to-date Comparison:

  • 2.985.053 Victims - 100 %
  • Soldier (52,11 %)
  • Demoman (47,89 % )
First Comparison:

  • 2.681.005 Victims - 100 %
  • Soldier ( 51,85 % )
  • Demoman (48,15 %)

According to that the soldier holds his leading position.

Also Valve hosts a new Item- Challenge. Support the war with your own Propaganda Poster and have the chance to win a unique Item. Besides that, there are some more prices waiting to reward your contribution. Try to be creativ!

To the Propaganda Contest!

Whoever is without creativity and still wants to support the war can now use these from Valve sponsored Spray Paints for Demos and Soldiers.


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