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With sword and shield !
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 15.12.2009 Time 08:09

The moment is here, Valve put their cards on the table! The new melee weapon  is going to be the Eyelander and the new secondary is set to be the charging targe (a small shield).





They both sure have a frightening appearance, but what are their pros and cons?

The Eyelander

Unfortunately, the eyelander is cursed, which means that it chews on the wielding demoman's soul, diminishing his healthpoints. But, you can pull off sweet decapitations with it. The advantages of the sword become obvious once you land a kill with it, because then, you will be awarded with a health- and speed bonus (stacks up to 4 times). This weapon deals no critical damage, unless it is equipped with the charging targe.

The charging Targe

The targe, a weapon for  scaredy cats? That is what every demoman left with a healthy eye might think. That may be right, but its advantages, especially in combination with the eyelander are remarkable. A 50% resistane against fire, an even higher 65% resistance vs. blast damage, is guaranteed but that is only a bonus besides the true benefit for all the close combat Scotsmen. With the targe in your hands, you can literally charge to your opponent with the secondary attack button, even faster than any bloody scout could do. If you land a hit via a medium range, you are awarded a Mini-crit, if you successfully charge your enemy over a huge distance, you will be dealing a full crit.


So far about the introductions of new weapons. The war currently counts  4666558 dead demos and 4441214 dead soldiers, giving the latter a small advantage. To keep things tight, the first details about the new weapons for the demo have been released. We are all curious for the additional weapons to come.


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