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Soldier Unlock: "The Direct Hit"
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 16.12.2009 Time 08:01

After the surprising new intel on the first demo unlocks, Valve now lets all the soldier hearts beat faster. With the first information about the 1st unlock of the soldier: "The direct hit"

Soldier Rocket Launcher The Direct Hit

The Direct Hit

Of course, as we are talking about the soldier here, it is a rocket launcher, though it has some modified abilities: The splash damage radius has been reduced by 70%, but the rockets now deal 25% more damage and fly a whoppin' 80% faster than the standard rockets. If you manage to hit an airborne enemy, you will be awarded with a minicrit.


All of you, who are disappointed by this unlock will have to cling to the new episode of the comic by Valve. It contains several new details, which will sure heat up all the gossip about the update. In this comic, the soldier is holding a secondary weapon, which more resembles a (machine)pistol than a shotgun. Besides that, the soldier says something about his boots, which can kick your a** so hard, it will be on the news. If these details can be taken as real hints or not, is up to you.

News from the war

Meanwhile the war between demomen and soldiers advanced even further. It seems that the demomen are slowly gaining some ground, as the gap between the two contestants was cut by half, now counting i 4.923.531 killed soldiers and 5.056.134 killed demomen. (Gap yesterday: 225.334, gap today 132.603

(Abstand gestern 225.344 kills. Abstand heute: 132.603 kills)


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