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The End is Near!
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 17.12.2009 Time 08:52

The Buff Banner TF2What could be better than this. You're sitting at home/work/school and sip some coffee out of your Team Fortress 2 cup and the first news has already gone live. No update, but some nice posters from people, who only have one item or one price more than i do. Well, thats ok, I still have my coffee and my TF2-Cup.

Well well, type the URL of the TF2 Blog, where the update presents itsself every day, and there it goes, straight in your face. Part 6 is live, yeehaw. But where the hell should I start reading?

Valve apparently got into some trouble with the  6th part. All remaining weapons, except for the secret 4th weapon for the winner of the war have been announced. Moreover, all 70 achievements can now be viewed on the warpage, and you can start laying out your strategy for the weekend to earn them all.  Additionally - before we get our a** kicked again -  there will be another  FREE WEEKEND - preload here! The Equalizer TF2

The latest numbers of the war are also very interesting. Apparently (though I don't really believe those numbers, the demomen has made a lot of ground against the soldier, he actually overtook him. With the 60.000 war points from the propaganda contest, the soldier was able to hold his lead, BUT the gap between the soldiers and the demomen was reduced to 14.792 kills!

The Scottish Resistance - TF2

The Equalizer

Like we suspected, the pick named  - The Equalizer -  is the new melee weapon of the soldier. Valve took this idea from the community, where it was proposed 1 and a half years ago. Bravo! The equalizer becomes more deadly, the more damage you take as soldier. Moreover, you also receive a speed boost. This is the answer of the soldier to the new e Melee-Kit of the demoman.

The Buff Banner

Buffing and crafting have been exclusive to MMORPG games like World of Warcraft. Until these days, as TF2 introduces both into its game play. With the buff banner you charge up a progress bar, similar to the medics ubercharge. It is being loaded by the damage you deal. If it is filled, you can activate the so called "Call to War". Teammates near you will then be dealing mini crits for 14 seconds

The Scottish Resistance

On the crates in the comics, some letters of this one were already visible. Behind "SCO / RES"  lies the name of the new demoman weapon "The Scottish Resistance". This weapon offers the modern demoman everything he needs to make his black Scottish heart beat faster. The Scottish resistance is able to place twice as much sticky bombs as the normal sticky bomb launcher. Moreover, it is able to destroy enemy stickybombs, and enables the demo to detonate his stickies in groups, instead of blowing them up all at once. Since those are advantages to the defensive side of sticky bombs, the offensive, especially the close to mid range combat has been weakened. The sticky bombs have a cool-down of 0.4 seconds, until they can be detonated.


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