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The usual update after the update
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 19.12.2009 Time 08:05

According to my knowledge, there has not been a single update, that didn't need any post release fixes. As usual, this update is released one day after the update. No news here, the update merely re-establishes things that broke with the update.
Team Fortress 2
  • Fixed a client crash related to arrows
  • Fixed a server crash related to items
  • Fixed a server crash caused by the Demo taunt kill
  • Fixed a server crash caused by using the Equalizer
  • Fixed client ragdoll commands resulting in ragdolls standing around
  • Restored the missing point_teleport entity
  • Fixed stats and achievements being tracked while using sv_cheats
  • Fixed Spies being able to build dispensers
  • Fixed clients not fixing up inventory items in bad backpack positions
  • Added a new chat message when players craft an item
  • Fixed "Bloody Merry" and "Second Eye" achievements being achieved incorrectly
  • Updated the description of the "Bravehurt" achievement
  • Fixed Blutsauger attributes
  • Fixed the Direct Hit having an incorrect short range damage curve (now matches the normal Rocket Launcher curve)
  • Fixed the Spy's unlockables watches using the wrong consume/recharge rates


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