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Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 23.12.2009 Time 07:49

The second round of bugixes and refinements is over. The interesting things are the fixes for the gunboats and the Scottish resistance. Sticky jumps have now been made easier (similar to the standard sticky launcher) and the gunboats have been made more useful, as walljumps now inflict less damage, too.

The high drop rates of the last few days already gave a hint, that the spy's camera beard has a similar droprate as weapons. You can even craft scrap metal when you combine three of them. Aside from that, it is now no longer possible, to receive one of the source hats, when combining two of them to receive another. The rest of the changelog contains new blueprints, which will have to be determined by the community first, and some changes to achievements.

The complete changelog runs as following:

Team Fortress 2

    • Fixed inconsistent Rage generation with the Buff Banner
    • Added an "equipped" tag to currently equipped items in the Backpack and Crafting screens
    • Fixed the TFBots not reacting correctly to stun effects
    • Fixed the Heavy picking up his own thrown sandvich if it was thrown while running forward
    • Fixed Pyros not getting the proper kill icon for kills with deflected Direct Hit rockets
    • Fixed the player keeping their rage setting when the Buff Banner isn't equipped
    • Fixed resupply cabinet not clearing the rage and the buff status effect
    • Fixed the Buff Banner not working when +reload has been forced in console
    • Fixed the motion blur on charging Demomen not always drawing
    • Fixed the Direct Hit mini-critting enemies submerged in water
    • Fixed the Chargin' Targe's crit not working on servers with tf_weapon_criticals 0
    • Capped the amount of overhealing from taking heads to the player's max buffed health
    • Updated the Gunboats to absorb damage from any self-inflicted rocket blast that doesn't hurt another player
    • Updated the Scottish Resistance to detonate bombs near the player's feet (in addition to what it normally detonates). This enables sticky jumping with this weapon
    • Updated the Baseball and Jarate HUD indicators to stay on screen when full

Crafting improvements
    • Spy's camera beard can now be smelted into scrap metal
    • Recipes can no longer produce items matching any of the items used in the crafting
    • Added some new recipes

Achievement fixes
    • Fixed the "Ride of the Valkartie" Soldier achievement being earned by Soldiers on the defending team
    • Fixed the "Gorky Parked" Heavy achievement being incremented by committing suicide on a control point
    • Fixed several Scout achievements that were broken by the new type of bat stun
    • Fixed the "Ghastly Gibus Grab" achievement not awarding the hat correctly
    • Updated the "Big Pharma" (Medic) and "Division of Labor" (Heavy) achievements to be 10 kills in a single life
    • Updated the "Ubi concordia, ibi victoria" Medic achievement to only be 3 assists


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