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Wrapping up 2009 - a present for you!
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 07.01.2010 Time 11:01

2009 is over, fair enough to reward the community, which made all this possible. Aside from the presents, we have some more information for you. But one at a time:

TFPortal Steam Skin

TFPortal Steam Skin

Our designer  Ron built a  TFPortal Steam Skin for you. After a lot of beta Testing, it is now finished.

If you happen to find any bugs, or want to suggest something, you can do that in the TFPortal-Forums.

TFPortal Steam Group and TFP Achievements

Another remarkable event came in silent: The TFPortal Steam Community now lists more than 1.000 Members. If you enter your Steam ID in your profile, you can also get the achievement for your membership.(enter your Steam-ID now)

Aside from that, if you enter your Steam-ID you will be able to view your  Steam Team Fortress 2 Stats together with the achievements you earned so far. Moreover, you can generate your own  forum signature, which is based on your own stats. You can find it in the user center.

The TFPortal-Achievements were introduced in July when we relaunched the site. Since then, a total of 2.248 achievements have been unlocked!

TFPortal Stats

As we are a highly specialized site, most users, that visit our site are looking for, and hopefully find, information about Team Fortress 2. What we offer is still improvable according to our taste, but since our team grew lately, we hope to deliver all the new information about the Soldier vs. Demoman update as soon as possible. The increased speed of processing and adaption the new information is already recognizable internally.  We never managed to update our information at such speed  as we do now. There are still some points on our ToDo list, and we are working hard to complete these as well.

During the past year, we had a total of 2.015.181 visits.  19.527.661 page-views were logged, which caused a total traffic of 2620 GB (2008: 2000 GB). 40% of these visits were direct page links, this indicates a large amount of regular visitors.

Up until now we have posted 355 German news and 226 of them were translated to the English language. (2008: a total of 428 News) Those were read by 1260 new TFPortal members(2008: 1182 Users).

In 2009 TFPortal started to publish news and facts on other platforms.  Twitter and YouTube already list our accounts. We are also present in the student community StudiVZ, a Facebook account will follow soon.

*Information as of  December 2009


On a personal note, I want to thank all members of the TFPortal staff for their hard work, contribution on discussions, visits, criticism and new ideas.

It is remarkable, that we managed to form a community, that still succeeds to act respectful and polite for 2 years. There have been arguments of course, but their number is small in comparison to other websites.

Much time is put into the TFPortal page by the team, and the mostly positive feedback motivates us to go on.


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