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2 years Team Fortress 2 - a fan chronicle
Written by Unknown on 28.12.2009 Time 10:22

Team Fortress 2 is as unique as it gets. It combines excellent team gameplay with a fantastic design. Especially the classes have gained cult status during the past 2 years. This doesn't come to a surprise since each class is as universally funny, insane and ingenious at the same time. That's the reason why a lot of people have created a massive amount of fanstuff for the game since the game's release.

There is no category that isn't covered by the fans: videos, machinima, webcomics, remixes, parodies, cosplay, fan games... the list goes on and on, it's that massive.

The community was able to create some good stuff early on. Who could possible forget hits such as Saving Private Ryan - Team Fortress 2 Style or Ignis Solus? And it continued that way with the same high quality and creativity: Don't Meet the Spy, A Team Fortress Western, Meet the Sentry, Temp Fortress, Mass A.I., Engination, Super Smash Bros. Intro - TF2 Style...and that was just the one-shot section. The fans also created some nice series such as  101 Uses for a Dispenser, Meet the Team Backwards, Meet the Dumbasses and Dynamic Action Team.

While the video section is undoubtedly the biggest category, the other categories don't need to hide either. There's quite a big amount of webcomics out there, either gmod-assisted or handdrawn. The two most popular and most active webcomig blogs  Nerfnow and Intelligence Silliness. As far as music is concerned, some talented musicians have created some nice remixes and a lot of Bonksongs, but also some original tracks like I'm your Medic, Rocking Fortress, It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Dustbowl and  Babyman.

It doesn't stop there. The community created some flash movies like Meet the Spy, The Orange Flash Box and Rocketman, created an impressive fan game - the 2D Demake  Gang Garrison 2 - and are even strong among the cosplayer scene.

This chronicle could go on forever, which is also a statement for the passion of the fans. No matter which category, which year, which update: The fans will play the game and pay tribute to it in any imaginable way possible.

If this small list doesn't satisfy you and you want an Uber amount of fanstuff, check out the TF2 Fanstuff List on the official Valve forums.



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