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TF2 Crafting Game
Written by Unknown on 05.01.2010 Time 16:10

With the last mega-update not only weapons came into play. A great change has occurred in the Backpack - the crafting of weapons. The Crafting-System, which is know from the MMORPG, and the blueprints came into tf2.

With these innovations a Team Fortress 2 crafting game game was develop. In the game you always continue receiving new items. You have to disassemble the items and reassemble them into new ones. The entire tf2 repertoire of weapons and hats is available to you here. For all your actions you receive points and gives you the chance to recommend for the high score list. Should you manually delete items, then this results in negative points.

This game also make the TF2-crafting system familiar to you without sacrificing your own Backpack Items for this.

The game is available in 2 different levels of difficulty.

  • Normal (1 second = 50 in-game minutes)
  • Hart (1 seconds = 83 In-game minutes)


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