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ETF2L Season 7
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 11.01.2010 Time 12:50

Yesterday the ETF2L announced the start of their 7th season.
Signups are open for a maximum of 330 teams and the season will start on the 8th of october 2010.

Most important changes:

  • Teams that played season 6 have a signup advantage over new teams that didn't participate in season 6

  • Fixed maps for all divisions:
    • Week 1: Granary and Gorge
    • Week 2: Badlands and Well
    • Week 3: Gravel Pit and Obscure
    • Week 4: Gullywash and Turbine
    • Week 5: Obscure and Freight
    • Week 6: Gorge and Turbine
    • Week 7: Freight and Well
    • Week 8: Granary and Gullywash
    • Week 9: Badlands and Gravel Pit
  • The ETF2L cfg has been updated for the new season, it now contains fixed weapon spread and tf_teamtalk 1.

  • The following weapons have been limited to 1 per team:
    • The Force’A'Nature
    • Sandman
    • Direct Hit
    • Buff Banner

  • All other unlocks are allowed.

Dates for signups and season starts:

  • Sign Ups Begin: Thursday the 12th of January
  • Sign Ups End: Sunday the 24th of January
  • Division announcements: Sunday the 31st of January
  • First week: Monday the 8th of February

We wish all teams a great success and HF&GL


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