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World Championship - WCTFC
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 13.01.2010 Time 13:41

This news is not about Team Fortress 2. Instead, we will be talking about a special event for the predecessor of TF2 -  Team Fortress Classic.

Our Community member Orangensaft, a big fan of TFC created a  webseite where you can find any information about Team Fortress Classic that you like. He also put up an enormous archive with old clans, games and leagues, which the scene emerged when TFC was at its peaks.

Since several months, preparations for a really extraordinary championship have been carried out. A World Championship for Team Fortress Classic. It's a World Championship because teams like  Canada Canada, USUSA or Argentina Argentina have already announced their participation. Until now, 10 teams are already signed up, but the admins hope for up to 18 teams to participate.

How do you play TFC?

We don't mean "with mouse and keyboard".
Since its bloom Team Fortress Classic is played 8 vs. 8. The maps were mostly reduced to capture the flag. Today's maps like ctf_2fort, cp_dustbowl as well as cp_well / ctf_ well from Team Fortress 2 are well known maps, which already existed and were played in Team Fortress Classic.

For the world championship, teams with less than 8 players have the possibility to show their skills in 4 vs. 4 matches.

Signups for  WCTFC

Signups are open until the 24th of January. After that, the first matches are set to be played on the first weekend of February (5./6./7.)

Team Germany

Among the teams, the well known Team Germany (#tfc.team-germany) will be present at this championship. The team lists several players which are also active in TF2:

  • holu
  • kwai
  • kyleh
  • LooR
  • mvp
  • Norris
  • OverKill
  • psy

We will be supporting the event as good as we can. That's because TFC is one of the best multi-player games of all time.

Those of you who are interested in the probably last installment of a World Championship for Team Fortress Classic, should join the IRC channel  #wctfc  @ Qnet. On steam, there is also a  steam group.

More details can be found on the  WCTFC-website.


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