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Quantums Little Config v2.7
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 18.01.2010 Time 10:14

 Quantum released another version for his High-FPS.cfg

The features:

FPS Settings:

  • UltraHighFPS
  • HighFPS
  • HighQuality
  • UltraHighQuality

Custom MainMenus:

  • Public Play Menu
  • Competitive Play Menu (für rcon-user)

Other Tweaks:

  • integrated slot based weapon script(mouse wheel, slot selection and pseudo lastinv/lastused)
  • automated team messages on class changes
  • RAM tweaks for 512,1024,2048,3072,4096 MB
  • Basic Networksettings and Sound Config
  • Well commented for self-editing
  • Simple (de)installation via installer


(Listed features can be chosen separately, only what you need)


Use at your own risk!

The Un/Installer overwrites/deletes your class config files.


No screenshots


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