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HAITI charity!
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 18.01.2010 Time 11:11

Up to date charity received: 185 €

There are moments, where you're really glad to live in a stable and secure country. No earthquakes, no hunger, high security standards and much more.

Do we enjoy? I think not enough!
Do we really know how easy it is for us? Not really!

Looking at the Caribbean area, the latest pictures contribute to the thesis that life is good for us.

In Haiti, over 100.000 people died after string earthquakes (7.0 on the Richter scale). 60.000 corpses were recovered since then, which were buried in mass graves or burnt on the trash dumps due to the fear of  contagion. Specialists and charity organizations assume a total of 200.000 dead people.

The state of haiti basically collapsed afterwards. No justice or infrastructure remained after the catastrophe. Besides schools and hospitals, the local jails collapsed too, setting many criminals free.

There is no medical equipment, no water, no energy, no shelter and no food. Anarchy emerged and people are being shot by police officers during depredation.

TFPortal wants to help but we need your help to do so.

We will donate our whole income from the months December, January and February. This contains revenue from our google ads,  Amazon and the ads for schottenland.de. This accumulates a total of 92 €, but we are going to stock this up to 100€

You can donate yourself via PayPal here, we will then redirect the money to a wisely chosen organization. As a second possibility, you can directly donate to the charity organization "Ein Herz für Kinder"

Bild Donate for Haiti!

We hope for your help and support because we want to show the world, that TF2-players know, when real things matters, and care for the people that need help.


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