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TF2 Lobby goes online
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 20.01.2010 Time 12:46

Since today, a new system for player search in TF2 went online:

TF2 Lobby

This system wants to make things easier for players, who want to organize a pickup. Moreover it should appeal to more players due to its simplicity.

A little excerpt from their own description of the service:


TF2Lobby.com (tf2lb) aims to make it easier for existing competitive players to arrange pickup games as well as make the format appealing and more accessible to a wider swath of the TF2 player base. Pickup games have traditionally been arranged through inaccessible or otherwise unintuitive methods, and tf2lb attempts to address those issues, giving anyone the ability to organize a game without admin intervention.

Central to tf2lb is its namesake Lobby, where up to 12 players can join, easily specify a match config, and set their teams/classes. tf2lb automatically launches TF2 and connects you to an appropriate server. Whether or not you have access to a server, tf2lb can help. For those without a server, we have a pool of over 40 US and EU servers ready for public use, generously provided by Valve and other communities.

If none of the 12 players happens to own a server, TF2Lobby sponsors a total of 40 servers which are spread over the USA and Europe.

Thanks to our community member Nutomic for the information.


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