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TF2 Blog News - The Administrator is not amused
Written by Unknown on 30.01.2010 Time 09:20

The Administrator is an almighty, all-knowing being. She even has some common sense too. That's why she spotted some irregularities (aka cheaters) among the players who participated during the War Update. For instance, the number one player on both sides has a rather heavy kill rate: 2,5 seconds per kill (Demoman) and 2,7 seconds per kill (Soldier) respectively, in a single week! They must be either cheating or being a "hallucinating sleep-deprived psychotic with severe constipation and unerringly good aim".

This news doesn't come to a surprise giving the fact that they fought for an exclusive forth item for their class. At least no one can say that it's just one side that cheated; all of them contributed their fare share of virtual genocide during that time.

Here's the chart displaying the miraculous kill counts:


In other news, the TF2 team picked up some more runner-ups from the Propaganda Contest and will post them at the official blog soon.


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