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TF2 Modding Special - Part 1: Skins
Written by Unknown on 28.02.2010 Time 23:33

We at TFPortal covers all big updates, eSports news and fan creations, but we rarely cover one specific thing: Mods.

Time to change this! To make a good start, we start our 3-part TF2 Modding Special today. Each time we'll show you some examples of each mod type to give you a taste of the big modding community out there. We say "some" because it's impossible to cover everything, but it will give you a good impression of each mod type none the less.

 Today's subject is: Skins

You can replace each weapon, hat and class model with a custom one. These differ from simple skins (different textures) to newly created models with different geometry altogether. Of course, these models still use the animations of the original, but they're a nice eye-candy none the less.


Here are 3 examples for custom models/skins.


Travis Touchdown for Team Fortress 2 (Total Conversion for Scout)




Touhozu Fortress 2 (New skins for each class)




Sentry Pistol (Pistol Replacement)





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