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New TF2 Video: Law Abiding Engineer
Written by Unknown on 01.04.2010 Time 09:51

Today we present you something that truly hit us by surprise: Someone called "One More User" released his new video - Law Abiding Engineer - Engineer yesterday. It might've gone unnoticed for a few days until we would finally discover it, but he pointed us to his video in the forums. Thanks for that!

As for the video itself, it is basically the trailer for the movie "Law abiding citizen" but with TF2 characters in the cast. Clyde Shelton is the RED Engineer and Nick Rice is the RED Spy - how fitting. The true achievement here is the fact that we see almost 3 minutes worth of animation perfectly edited into the trailer. We haven't seen such a complex and time-consuming work in months, so all we can say is: truely great work, keep it up!

And now for the video itself:


Team Fortress 2 - Law Abiding Engineer


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