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New translation system for Steam
Written by Unknown on 11.04.2010 Time 13:26

Ever felt tired of bad translations? Want to show the world that you can translate things better then the rest? Want to make the Steam experience a bit better? Then this is the perfect place to do so.

Steam Translation Logo

Valve is currently working on a community-based translation system. It allows any user with a Steam account to translate any Steam Client application, the Steam Store, the Community pages and even Valve's very own games. The translation process is rather simple: you correct a badly-translated string or even an untranslated string, a community moderator and a Steam administrator will verify your work, and implement the string in the official translation. This system may even be applied to Indie games, who knows.

The service is currently in its closed beta phase, but is scheduled to go public within the next few months.



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