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15.04 - TCM-Gaming vs. Dignitas 1:4
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 14.04.2010 Time 20:41

This is it, the final phase of the ETF2L season 7. There's still room for big changes and a total of 6 teams have the potential to become Number 1. eu TCM-Gaming has the best chances for reaching the top, but must face a real giant in order to do so: They'll fight against eu Team Dignitas tomorrow. The clash of the titans will start on 21:15 CEST.

TFPortal TV will cover the match, starting on 20:40 CEST with the broadcast

As for  de The Last Resort and nl Fakkelbrigade, both of themstill have a chance to reach the top as well.  eu IDK, currently second in rank, must face both fi bE and nl Fakkelbrigade in the next few days.


# Clan Pld W D L Pts Streak
1st eu Team Dignitas 12 8 1 3 25 +2
2nd eu I Don't Know? 12 8 0 4 24 +2


eu TCM-Gaming 10 7 1 2 22


TFPortal TV Livestream - ETF2L - DIV 1 - TCM-Gaming vs. Team Dignitas (cp_Granary, cp_Gorge)

Livestream with MeeB on 15.04.2010  20:40 CEST



15.04. - 21:15 CET (Stream 20:40 CET)

   eu  TCM Gaming   


    eu Team Dignitas

Team Dignitas


TFPortal TV Livestream


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