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Rumor Report: Engineer-Update
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 06.05.2010 Time 20:18

Sentry Gun  Level 3TF2 Danger Keep  OutYeah, I like rumors. The gossip factory is working overtime and the hints investigated by the community are really great. Actually first lines our of a "new" client.dll are supposed to show new information concerning the engineer's buildings.

New Functions:

  • m_bCarried - buildings or something else may be carried...
  • m_bCarryDeploy - ...and deployed again

New Sentry Functions:

  • m_bShielded -new sentry statement  - shield?
  • m_hAutoAimTarget - sentry uses aimbot as usual...
  • m_bPlayerControlled - .... or may be controlled manually


What may be true. Wether fake or not. We can't say either. Though, the new functions and their setup sound realistic indeed.

We stay on the ball! Thanks to the unknown masked man for these information!

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