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TF2 Update - Homewrecker meets Sapper
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 08.05.2010 Time 10:01

TF2 Pyro -  HomewreckerAnother update has been churned out last night, From now on, engineers are not the only ones, that can smash off sappers from their buildings. They now have been granted some assistance by the pyro.

Additionally, Valve fixed the bug, where items were not shown correctly, when you watched a demo. Moreover, the cloaking bug, where cloaked spies were visible, has been fixed.


Team Fortress 2
  • Fixed players seeing cloaked Spies when they should be fully cloaked
  • Updated the Homewrecker
    • It now damages enemy sappers on friendly buildings
  • Fixed items not displaying correctly while playing back a demo
  • Badge hire dates now display the time in GMT

Thanks to R4Z0RBL4D3 for the information.


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