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Technical issues solved *runs*
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 14.05.2010 Time 19:40

Unfortunately, we have some technical issues right now. The forums are temporary not available. Moreover this has consequences for the whole page. We are sorry.

Right now, we are working for a reconstruction of the forums. Though, 40.000 posts are gone for now.

Need a dispenser here!


After the forum has been totally destroyed, we had to load a backup of the data. The forum had to be new installed and the data, due to it's mass, had to be reloaded step by step. Unfortunately, a complete reimport off the data was not possible.


After 3 hours of the precious "meebian" life, you are now able to get in the forum , pose questions or simply have a discussion.


If you notice errors, please give us some information.


Now, a beer *flop*


The beer's a spy!


Cheers! :)


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