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The Fancy vs. Nasty Update
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 19.05.2010 Time 01:01

fancy vs nasty update

While RED is celebrating their last wins against BLU in the restaurant "l'Appétit", BLU's soldiers are on their way to disturb that feast. Unfortunately, this is not a TF2 movie, though instead it's the introduction for a new community "fake" update seeing the light of the day, in fact, the "Fancy vs. Nasty" update.

It was done home-made by Mr.Royzo and he is going to present us 15 new items over the next few days. You should definitely have a look at it...

What else was conjured by Mr.Royzo, can be seen on Daimao's Mod Emporium which offers a considerable and good collection of hat replacements.


Valve itself advertises this update in their recent TF2-Blog entry. Though, this is just an addition to the essential content. The pyro will get a small update package during this week. Aim of this exercise is, based on those much suggestions after the last pyro's changes, to forward the development of two different ways of playing the pyro.

W+M1 vs. W+M2


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