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TF2 Update: New items
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 21.05.2010 Time 08:05

Once again, Valve throws down a load of new items. Generally spoken, these are hats, but two new weapons and two new misc items have been released, too. More interestingly, the pyro achieved two new items, which theoretically would uncover his face, although they are supposed to be put over the mask. The two new weapons are, like on the last hat update, melee ones: The sniper got "The Tribalmans Shiv", which on the one side, does 35% less damage, but on the other sidem causes an enemy bleeding for 8 seconds. These effects might be compared to the enemy bleeding. The demoman gets "The Scotsman's Skullcutter", this weapon does 20% more damage, but therefore causes a loss of 15% of speed. It remains the proof, wether is is a replacement for the bottle, or even for the eyelander, which means you can cut off enemies' heads, including all it's advantages. Of course the new blueprints have been released instantly, so you dont have to wait for a drop


Tippler's Tricorn

Class: Demoman

Type: Hut

Bloke's Bucket Hat

Class: Sniper

Type: Hut


Class: Engineer


The Heavy Duty Rag

Class: Heavy

Type: Hut

Whoopee Cap

Class: Scout

Type: Hut

Seargent's Drill Hat

Class: Soldier

Type: Hut

Frenchman's Beret

Class: Spy

Type: Hut


Vintage Merryweather

Class: Pyro

Type: Hut

Gentleman's Gatsby

Class: Medic

Type: Hut


Whiskered Gentleman

Klasse: Pyro

Typ: Misc

Ze Goggles

Klasse: Medic

Typ: Misc




Moreover, these changes have been taken on cp_gorge and plr_pipeline:

Team Fortress 2

  • Added new community weapons and hats
  • Updated CP_Gorge
    • Added nobuilds to the awnings outside BLU's forward spawn to preventing players building up there.
    • More clip work and model collision work based on community feedback.
    • Fixed BLU forward spawn door appearing through roof.
  • Updated PLR_Pipeline
    • Added new stairwell in Stage 1 and window access to both teams’ platforms by main choke point to help alleviate stalemates.
    • Reverted the starting position for the cart in Stage 3 if a team had won the first 2 stages to where you no longer get a big cart-start-position advantage.
    • Fixed rare cases where stage would break when cart had no nearby capper(s).
    • Fixed carts not always moving to their starting locations correctly.
    • Fixed respawn times in Stage 3 not being set to the proper values.
    • Fixed the map not finishing correctly in Stage 3 if the two teams capture the final point at the same time.
  • Removed sv_showhitboxes to avoid players confusing it with the method by which we do hit detection (see http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Source_Multiplayer_Networking for info)


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