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Saxton Hale Facts
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 31.05.2010 Time 13:39

Recently in a pub, or somewhere else....

Random guy #1:" When the Boogeyman goes to sleep at night, he checks his bed for Chuck Norris".

Random guy #2:" ROFLOL, I got one, too. Chuck Norris is the reason why  Walter hides".

Random guy #1&2:" HAHA ROFLMAO LOL!!!!"

Random guy #3:" LOL you dumbasses, never ever heard of Saxton Hale? When Chuck Norris goes to sleep at night, he checks his bed for Saxton Hale, suckers!"



Here some more extracts out of the nutty collection:

"In the last 50 years Mann Co. developed new and unique animal species.Solely, that Saxton Hale can stamp them out".

"Saxton Hale was never on your side. Or your enemy's side. He is on his own side".

"Saxton Hale's chest hair can stop a crit-rocket".

Who still doubts of Saxton Hale, should firstly look across his shoulder and secondly vist the Saxton Hale Facts page! DO IT, NOW!, we don't want Saxton Hale to come and to beat you up with his BARE HANDS!


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