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Very Manly Angry Avatars Co.
Written by Unknown on 23.05.2010 Time 18:45

Manly Angry  Avatars

Do you have a really boring avatar, leaving no doubt , that you're sipping strawberry milkshakes and you're cuddling with little kitties? On every server you are the laughing stock because of your teddy-bear-like avatar? With "Manly Angry Avatars Co." you can bring it to an end, since these avatars scream as hard as possible "I AM A MAN! AND I AM ANGRY!" into your enemies' face,  hat they will have to wear diapers for the rest of their entire life.

angry sniper angry demo angry engie angry soldier
angry medic angry scout angry heavy angry spy
angry pyro angry payload angry dispenser

angry intel

These avatars have been forged by Fearlezz and Occlusion.For more avatars of this kind visit : I AM A MAN!

Females will make find at: *click*


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