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TF2 & Steam-Update released
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 02.07.2010 Time 11:18

Valve eliminated several bugs and released improvements for the server browser , Team Fortress 2, the Source engine and Steam. Now, servers can also be filtered by it's slots. Moreover, some upgrades have been implemented for raising the ease of operation.

On Team Fortress 2, many bugs of Source TV have been coreccted. Furthermore, the engineer is now able to use the pistol form Sam & Max. For us as a website, Valve improved the API for TF2 Items. However, the work on the TF2 data bank was nearly done, although we will see how to imply this service. All the other facts in the changelog:

Server Browser
  • Server browser now starts centered onscreen when it opens up.
  • Filter panel now starts expanded, instead of hidden.
  • Added a warning dialog that pops up to warn players joining games with more than the recommended number of players.
  • Added a "max player count" filter setting.
  • Renamed quick list checkbox from "Show Map List" to "Simplified List".
    • Mouseover the checkbox now explains the simplified list in the status bar.
  • Quicklist now shows the number of other servers running each map.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs related to toggling the quick list, which were resulting in you needing to refresh again.

Team Fortress 2
  • Added missing earbud particles for DX8 players.
  • Added new ConVar mp_windifference_min to be used with mp_windifference.
  • Added Engineer to the list of classes that can equip Max's Pistol.
  • Rebuilt sound cache files that were out of date.
  • Source TV:
    • Fixed unlockable items not being visible.
    • Stopped "player is carrying X" messages looping forever.
    • Fixed overhealed particle effect being visible on your current view target when in first-person spectator mode.
  • Changed in-game button colors to be less eyepoppingly bright.
  • Improved Steam Web APIs for TF2 items (see http://www.teamfortress.com/)

  • Fixed some graphical issues when alt-tabbing during a game.
  • Fixed bullet penetration problems with Linux dedicated server.
  • Removed an exploit that allowed people to change their names to something other than their Steam profile name

Here the Steam update changelog:

Steam Client
  • Added UI to disable Steam Cloud per-game and per-account.
  • Added an icon in list view for uninstalled games that support cloud.
  • Steam Cloud will now download files for installed games on logon.
  • Fixed Steam Cloud sync failures that occurred because of deleted files.
  • Improve text hit testing in chat windows.
  • Make player names in chat windows clickable, taking you to that user’s profile.
  • Fixed tabs in the settings dialog sometimes not drawing correctly.
  • Fixed a regression that prevented steam from automatically validating and repairing damaged game caches on launch.
  • Shortened the delay between launching steam and being offered offline mode in the case of no network connectivity.
  • Fixes the label under the dropdown on the game properties updates page for non-cloud games.
  • Shows the "cloud disabled" icon in list view for games with cloud disabled that are not installed.
  • Fixes players paying mods showing up as “in-game” rather than “in-mod” in the friends window.
  • Fixes the login button in the login dialog becoming enabled when the dialog is dragged after the button is pressed.
  • Improves whitespace detection in chats.
  • Fixes a confusing error message when attempting to back up to a directory that doesn't exist (it would tell you the disk doesn't have enough space).
  • Fixes weirdness with radio buttons when pressing the 'back' key on the backup wizard.
  • Fixes game manuals not opening in an external browser.
  • [OSX] Makes player names in chat windows clickable
  • [OSX] Fixed a class of bugs that could cause steam to hang while shutting down, especially if network settings had changed.
  • [OSX] Fixes tooltip flickering.
  • [OSX] Cmd+Left/Right now go to beginning/end of line.
  • [OSX] Option+Left/Right now go to word boundaries.
  • [OSX] Option+Enter now inserts a newline.
  • [OSX] Fixes some Windows-specific wording about the notification tray in the preferences/settings window.
  • [OSX] Prevents backing up files to the file system root.
  • [OSX] Treats the return key the same as the enter key.


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