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Engineer Update Day 1 - Frontier Justice
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 06.07.2010 Time 01:19

Engineer Update

Day 1 of the engineer update is finally here. Valve released the first weapon for the last class update - The Frontier Justice.

Frontier JusticeThe frontier justice - replacement for the shotgun - comes with the usual advantages and disadvantages. If you happen to equip this weapon, you have to get along with a clip size half as big compared to the classic shotgun. Moreover, this weapon will not deal random crits.

However, the engineer will get 2 guaranteed crits per kill his sentry gun achieves. Assist kills are rewarded with 1 crit on your tab.

Also, if your sentry gun is destroyed (by an enemy or via self destruction) you will also be receiving bonus crits.

Thats it so far for the engineer update.

The  Golden Wrench

For the item fanatics among you, there is another chance to get a very rare item. The rumours speak, that users will randomly receive 1 out of 100 golden wrenches during any craft they do. Valve released a dedicated wrench log, which shows, that the first 25 wrenches have already been obtained by players.


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