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Engineer Update Day 2 - Wrangler and Achievements
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 07.07.2010 Time 00:19

25 more golden wrenches have been spread out to the TF2 community. That means, part 2 of the engineer update is finally here, Valve released it tonight. Additional Info: At the point where 75 and 100 wrenches have been given out, part 3 and 4 wil be released.

Engineer Update

For the second day of the  engineer update Valve happily introduces the Wrangler, the 35 engineer achievements and a new payload map named upward.

Last May, we already informed you about certain code snippets from the TF2 code that gave birth to rumours

Der Wranglerabout a user controllable sentry gun. Now things are clear, every engineer will be able to control his sentry gun, once he acquires the wrangler. Moreover, the Wrangler will create a shield around your sentry gun, which absorbs 66% of the damage the turret receives. Last but not least, a doubled fire rate for the machine gun and a slightly shortened rocket launcher cool-down make this item a decent choice for all the manual-lovers among the engineers. One single downside has to be dea

lt with: When you switch away from the wrangler, your sentry will remain inoperable for as  long as 3 seconds.

Payload Map Upward

The wrangler occupies the secondary slot of the engineer, that means you have to sacrifice your pistol.

Before we introduce the new achievements to you, we want to give you a first view on the new map Upward. There is not much to say about it, its a payload map and the name suggests it will be going straight upwards.



All engineer achievements

Doc Holiday

No Man's Land

Trade Secrets

Death Metal

Land Grab

Git Along!

How the Pests was Gunned

Honky Tonk Man

Breaking Morant

Rio Grind

Patent Protection

If You Build It, They Will Die

Texas Ranger


Drugstore Cowboy

Circle the Wagons

Built to Last

(Not So) Lonely are the Brave

Battle Rustler


Search Engine

Pownd on the Range

Building Block


Quick Draw

The Wrench Connection

Silent Pardner

Fistful of Sappers

Doc, Stock and Barrel

Best Little Slaughterhouse in Texas

Frontier Justice

Six-String Stinger

Uncivil Engineer

Texas Two-Step

The Extinguished Gentleman





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