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Tiimu Footoresu 2 - A TF2 Fangame
Written by Unknown on 06.08.2010 Time 00:44

Team Fortress 2 can be combined with everything, period. We're not just talking about videos with TF2 footage and other audio, or vice versa. Gang Garrison 2, Saving Private Ryan, Super Smash Bros., Mega Man, Lady Gaga, One Piece......These are just a few examples for the vast amount of community content created by the Team Fortress 2 fans. Once category, however, has been almost ignored in the past 2 years: Japanese RPGs.

Sure, there have been some Gmod attempts, but nothing that is actually playable. Tiimu Footoresu 2, on the other hand, is indeed playable, for it is a TF2-JRPG crossover fangame.


Tiimu Footoresu 2 - Logo

(チーム フォートレス 2 - Tiimu Footoresu 2 - Romanization of the Japanese title)

The game's concept is simple: The classes from Team Fortress 2 are being teleported into the JRPG realm. This combination alone offers a lot of possible jokes and parody, but there is also a serious plot going on.


Here is a playthrough of the game, featuring the first 30 minutes of the game.



Tiimu Footoresu 2 - Intro (Part 1)


Tiimu Footoresu 2 - Intro (Part 2)


Tiimu Footoresu 2 - Intro (Part 3)



For more information, check out the Steamforums thread.


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