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Trading system, weapons and game mode in advance
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 12.08.2010 Time 18:23

Who was afraid, that Valve lost interest in TF2 after realasing the last of the nine class updates, can calm down. Valve still has several ideas in their drawes and as Robin Walker said in a chitchat with the PCGamer magazine, in a month(Valve-time) another update will be released.

TF2 Update - Neues Spy Messer

Including: the for ages anounced trading system for Team Fortress 2. Finally, the TF2 players will have the oppurtunity of trading items with their friends and to gather coveted hats or other items. However, it is not clear how that system is going to work, wether all items will be tradable or not.

On the other hand it is fixed, that 20 new weapons and hats will be implemented with the next update. The major part arises from the  Polycount-Contest , coupled with some creations, which haven't won prices in the contest. Furthermore, TF2 will get a new game mode.

As you see, Valve has still plans for the community!


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