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New TF2 Mod: VS Saxton Hale Mode
Written by Unknown on 23.09.2010 Time 16:35

Saxton Hale is the Chuck Norris of Team Fortress 2. He can defeat each type of enemy, no matter how many they may be. Inspired by Hale's awesomeness, some fans have created a new Mod featuring Saxton Hale as an almost unstoppable enemy.

You play on a map with Arena Mode. The RED team is normal, while the BLU team only has Saxton Hale as playable character. His HP increases with each player who joints the RED team.

Saxton Hale lives up to his name and is not easy to defeat. Not easy at all, it's hard as hell to even get him down to half before almost all of RED are dead. It requires good teamwork and skill to defeat him.

Here's a video showcasing the battle against Saxton Hale in Arena Lumberyard:


Holy Crap! It's the VS SAXTON HALE MOD.



And here's the server's IP:

Since it's the only server hosting this mod at the moment, you have to wait quite a long time before you can join. Still, it's worth the wait.


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