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Trade-System, Mann Co. Store, Itemsets part 1
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 30.09.2010 Time 22:09

We all waited yearningly for it. Our forum has been flooded with trading offers since a long time.

Eventually, it is done,but what is that stuff good for? We tell you!

The whole issue was announced by a small comic, which you can read on the official TF2 blog.

Finally, the trading system is done and we tell you how it does work:

Use the "Manage Items" button to get to your class selection. There you'll find well-known and brand-new icons.  On the right-hand side, you will see a box named Trade". After one click you are able to trade your item to your heart's content by invitation.

Mann Co StoreAnother novelty is, introduced by Valve, the MANN Co. Store. It gives you the chance of buying elusive(from the buyers view), items. We explain how it works exactly:

In the store you can choose between the several class- and the slot-weapons.
New are the last four symbols. The first one is a label, giving you the oppurtunity of changing the weapon's name, to be seen ingame by other players.

Who read the advert by MANN-Conomy carefully, may have noteiced, that Valve has plans to implement new mini game. Moreover, new community items come along with the update, plus, the work on new ones hasn't stopped yet!

Due to server issues, we could provide only this ammount of information. As soon a the problems are solved, we will edit the news!


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