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TFPortal Fanstuff Special - Part 1: Websites
Written by Unknown on 10.10.2010 Time 00:01

TFPortal Fanstuff Special - Part 1: Websites

Team Fortress 2 celebrates its 3. Anniversary today. To celebrate this, we'll start our big Special today.

We usually report about videos and mods, sometimes even music, but seldom do we mention the other categories like websites, fanart and the like. "Hell, it's about time" as  Tychus Findlay would say "that we cover the other categories in full detail." From this day forward, we'll cover each category and give you a summary as well as detailed list of all good entries. We'll publish a new part each second Sunday starting from today. And before you ask: None of these parts will be released at Christmas weekend, so you can enjoy the holidays.


Part 1 - Websites

Part 2 - Webcomics

Part 3 - Fanart

Part 4 - Mods

Part 5 - Do It Yourself

Part 6 - Retrospective

Part 7 - A Comment on 3 Years Team Fortress 2




The Internet is huge. So huge in fact that it is nearly impossible to keep track of all the good stuff out there. While you've always been up to date with news provided by us, among others, finding all the good fansites is a bit tricky. Thankfully the community has contributed to a big list of entries, which we'll show you...NOW!

TF2 Podcasts


In case you don't know what a Podcast ist, here's an explanation for you: A Podcast is a recording of a live session with some people discussion about several different topics. After the session is over, the session is being saved as a music file (MP3 most of the time) and can then be downloaded to your comnputer or music player such as the iPod, hence the name Podcast.

There exist two Podcasts about Team Fortress 2 so far: Kritzkast (since 2008) and Friendly Fire (since 2009). Both of them has been discussing a ton of TF2-realted stuff and it's both informative as well as entertaining. If you already know them, lucky you, but if you don't, then listen to their Podcasts now - you'll not regret it.


TF2 Fansites


Aside from the news sites, blogs and podcasts, there also exist a handful of TF2-related fansites. You may not need to visit them each day, but they're useful none the less and it's helpful to know of their existence if you ever need something specific you don't want to ask about in the Forums each time.

  • TF2 Backpack Examiner aka TF2 Items (Allows you to check the Backpack of each player, including the Valve staff)
  • TF2 Demos (A website for up- and downloading TF2 demos)
  • TF2 Dingalings (A collection of hit sounds)
  • TF2 Killcams (A collection of freezecam screenshots)
  • TF2 Lobby (A portal which allows you to join or create a server with competetive rules. A good place for beginners who want to get into the e-sports scene)
  • TF2 Maps (A community forum dedicated to the creation of maps for TF2. The best of the best are gathered here, some of the community maps like yukon or hoodoo come from here as well.)
  • TF2 Mods (A collection of skins and models for classes and hats. A good alternative to FPSBanana)
  • TF2 Stats (A collection of a lot of TF2-related statistics)
  • TF2 Tactics (A collection of different strategies for all types of classes, modes and weapons. Unfortunately, this site is inactive since early 2010, but still interesting for beginners)
  • Trade Fortress (A platform for trading items. An alternative for forums-based trading)
  • Ubercharged.net (A blog featuring arguably everything there is about TF2)


Competitive TF2 Websites


Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about the competitive TF2 scene. Here are some links for everyone interested in professional TF2 play.


Fake Official Websites


Some of them already know them, some of you don't. I'm talking about the official websites of the fictional organization from the game. Despite contrary belief, they were not made by Valve, but instead by user Fragimus_Max.

TF2 International


There are TF2 fans all over the world. Some of you might be familiar with the english-speaking community, but what about the rest? Here is a list of international TF2-related news sites.


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