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TFPortal presents the Trading System !
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 15.10.2010 Time 02:55

TFPortal Item Trade

Trading system? What? Isn't this already implemented in TF2? It is, but now you can present your
desired and offered items easily here on our beloved website.

You want to know how you can enter the trading section? Well, it's really easy: Our valued staff member
Hobbybashor created the TFPortal TF2 Item-Marketplace!

Here's how the system works:

TFPortal Tauschsystem After clicking the above link (or the one in the  navigation bar on the left), the management window will open. Here you can edit the items you're looking for and the ones you want to offer. On the left you'll see a small window containing information about you. Here you can have a look on your TFPortal profile, Steam profile or backback, as quick as lightning ! Plus, there's a neat little function which allows you to write a PM. That way, you can gather all valuable information about your trading partner. Please note that your Steam-ID is needed to create your offering, so Enter your Steam-ID into yourTFPortal profile!


On the right side you can choose the items you'd like to aquire or to offer by clicking on .

To choose the item just check the little box.

Easy, right?TFPortal Tauschsystem

Due to the high demand for trading via TFPortal , we've set the item limit to 5. This is meant to prevent  the overview from getting confusing.

All items available in TF2 can be chosen, except  those items that cannot be traded anyway  (meaning items you've bought or those only  available during events).

After you made your decisions and having send your offering, you'll get the first possibly fitting offerings of other users right away. You can also contact your future trading partner via TFPortal PM immediately. If this isn't the case, you'll be redirected to the main page of the trading system by clicking "Edit offer". There, all requests are listed and you can delve among them as you like.

We hope you'll find your dream item faster with our new system and on top of that, have fun in doing so.


If you happen to stumble upon some bugs, please contact us via the forums or the contact form.

Big thanks to our Coding- and Design Department for building us this really neat and slick system.

Now, that everything is said, there's only one thing to add: Happy Trading !


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