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TF2 will be more colourful - weapons dyeable soon
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 21.10.2010 Time 14:31

Valve still works on the Trade System and possibilities, for increasing the item's variations. Several versions of hats have found their way into the game through the new colours. As this goes on, some users are yawning for dyeable weapons yet. Robin Walker responded to one user's need for coloured weapons. Of course, this caused a thread in the Steam forums:

We wanted to ship the painting feature first, and see if people liked it before supporting it on all the weapons (because it takes some work to make an item paintable). So hearing from people that they’d like the feature is useful in helping us make that decision.
Glad to hear you’re liking the update.


Färbbare TF2 Waffen

That the function of coloured weapons already exists in Team Fortress 2 proves the following screenshot, which was kindly placed at disposal by TF from saigns.de. What you can see is the Backburner, the Flare Gun, und the pyro's Axe with  always different colour blots. This is - for now - the only known part, respectively sign that Valve have had the idea of implementing dyeable weapons in the game before the recent update.




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