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TFPortal Fanstuff Special - Part 4: Mods
Written by Unknown on 21.11.2010 Time 18:03

TFPortal Fanstuff Special - Part 4: Mods


Welcome to Part 4 of the Fanstuff Special. Today's topic is Mods. If you've missed one of the previous parts, just click at one of the links below. The next part will be released in two weeks (December 5th).

Note: With "Do It Yourself" we mean everything that is happening outside the game, in other worlds in real live. This includes cosplay, self-made items and other stuff. Hence the name "do it yourself" in real life, instead just in a virtual world.


Edit: The first version of this news has been deleted due to a system error. This is the reposted version. I'm sorry for the loss of all the comments.


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Modifications, or Mods in short, are... well, modifications for a video game, mostly for PC games. Sometimes people call everything game-changing a mod, including skins, models, soundpacks and maps. A real mod is a game created with the assets of an already existing game to save time instead of creating all the graphics and gameplay systems from scratch. One of the most popular and most influencal mod games are Half-Life 1 and Half-Life 2.

Team Fortress 2 has a big mod community as well, even though it's mostly the non-mod mods (skins, models, maps, soundpacks ect.). There exist some few mods, however, which change the gameplay type of the game, but still retain the multipalyer aspect (with the expection of The Great Class Clash, which is the only Single player-mode mod for TF2 to date). Today we'll present you some of these mods.


 The Great Class Dash

The Great Class Dash is a single-player mod developed by Dylan 'Steaky' Loney. In this game, the player must switch between different classes in order to proceed through a total of 5 maps.

  • Scout: Can perform a double jump
  • Heavy: Can break through walls
  • Sniper: Can walk past wild animals unharmed
  • Pyro: His suit protects him from dangerous mosquitoes as well as hot steam.
  • Medic: Can heal injured teammates (NPCs, not the characters you control)
  • Spy: Can walk past sentries without being spotted (ninja style)
  • Demoman: Can walk past sticky bomb traps
  • Engineer: Can use teleporters
  • Soldier: Can defeat the Muck (epic boss battle)

In order to play the mod, simply download the mod and extract all of the files in your game folder. After that's done, create a server and select "classdash" as map.

Please note that the mod will reconfigure your controls, so you better create a backup from your config. You can find more details in the Readme.

You can download the mod here.



FortWars is a variation of the Capture the Flag Mode. As the title already implies, you can build your own fort in order to strenghten your defenses agains the enemy team.

You build your fort by placing one of the tiles available in this mod, and aling them so they form a good defense against the enemy team the tiles correctly. You can't use unlimited tiles though - each tile costs money, and you only have a limited budget at the beginning of the round.

Each player can place a tile for the team's fortress, so be sure to coordinate your effors or else you end up trapping yourself between some tiles.




Bball (Basketball) is one of the oldest Mods for Team Fortress 2. You're limited to the Soldier class and must place the intelligence in the enemy's basket. Since the basket is placed high above the ground, you need to rocket jump in order to reach it. At the same time, the enemy team can shoot at you with rockets, killing you easily if you're not careful. Either way, it's a dangerous game - which is the reason why it's so appealing.



Zombie Fortress

Noone can espace the zombie mania, not even Team Fortress 2. That's why there's a proper zombie mod as well - Zombie Fortress 2.

There are two teams: Humans (RED Team) and zombies (BLU Team). Most players start on RED, while a few players are the zombies in BLU. The goal of the RED side is to survive untul the round ends, while the BLU side must kill all RED players.

While the zombies respawn, the humand does not. Additonally, each killed RED player is transferred to the BLU Team. It's your typical survival game.

There are some limitations in place. Firstly, zombies can only use melee attacks. Secondly, there are class limits: Only Heavy, Scout and Spy is allowed on the BLU team, and everyone else on the RED team. Lastly, the Engineer's Sentry Gun can't be upgraded or repaired.


If you want to play this mod, search for maps with "zf_" at the beginning of their filename. The video shows the map zf_dustbowl, but there exist a couple more zombie maps out there.

For more information, see the official website as well as the entry on  FPSBanana and the official wiki.

Team Portress

The portal system from Portal is mind-blowing, so much is for certain. Their potential in multiplayer games would be even more mind-blowing. It doesn't really come to a surprise, then, that some modders of the 3-PG community are currently working on a Portal Gun for Team Fortress 2. Simply called Team Portress 2, the mod allows the player to create portals.

The mod is currently in development. It us suffering from some limitations, but according to the video description which has been updated on October 15th, 2010, there's still hope for the mod.



Did you love to play Hide & Seek with your friends when you were a child? Then you're gonna love this mod as well. Called PropHunt, this mod turns each player on the RED team into a random prop. He can't attack, but still use the double jump of the Scout. Once the Setup time is over, the BLU team must search for the scouts among the dozens of real props and kill them. Like an invisible Spy, the easiest method is to play as Pyro and use the Flamethrower. Don't waste all you munition at once though, because you'll die once your're out of ammo. A BLU Engineer can build a Dispenser to help with this problem though.

For more information, see the official steamgroup.



In this mod called Dodgeball, each team consists of Pyros only. Rockets are spawning regularly and will auto-aim at a random player. Just like the rockets of an enemy Soldier, the player can deflect the rocket with a compression blast and force the rocket to aim at an enemy player. The flying speed of the rocket increases, and big rockets (nukes) are eventually spawned as well. The round ends if all players from one team are dead.


 VS Saxton Hale Mode

Similar to the fight against the Horseless Headless Horsemann from the Halloween Event 2010, the RED Team must fight against a single player from the BLU Team - this player is Saxton Hale. The player of the BLU team has both a Saxton Hale model and soundpack and is incredible strong. The more players are on the RED side, the more health Saxton Hale will receive at the beginning of the round.

To keep things fair, the RED team has a few limitations. Both Natasha and the Battalion's Backup can't be used. The Spy can't kill Saxton Hale with a backstab, but instead recudes his health by about 10%. Both the Minigun and the Flamethrower only have half of their original ammo loaded (100 instead of 200). In exchange, all melee attacks deal critical damage - provided the player won't die before landing the first hit on Saxton Hale.

In the newest version of the mod, the BLU player turns into the Vagineer instead of Saxton Hale (he still have the same strenght and abilites like Saxton Hale.)

For more information, See here.


TF2 Ware

Are you familiar with the WarioWare series from Nintendo? You know, the games with dozens of mini games and an inredibly fast speed? Well, the MechaWare team has created a Team Fortress 2 version of Wario Ware called TF2Ware, featuring a total of 23 minigames. You must win as many games as possible. If you manage to become No.1, you can kill everyone else at the round's end. If not, you're toast.

For more information, see here.


 Honorable Mention


There aren't just winners in the mod community, there are a lot of cancelled and inactive mod projects as well. We may never know how good, or bad, they would become, but we'll never forget them.

While most Team Fortress 2 mods made it into a playable form, there's one particular mod that deserves a honorable mention: The Curcus Expansion Pack.  The goal of the mod was to create a circus-themed version of Team Fortres 2. The mod started promising with models for the Heavy as a bear, the Pyro as a clown and the Sniper as a knive thrower shown early in it's development, but there hasn't been any news from the mod team since December 2009 - almost 12 months later, it's save to assume that the mod is dead.


Links: (Steamforum, Offizieller Blog, YouTube Trailer)



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