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TF2 Beta Update
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 09.12.2010 Time 11:30

Once again, Valve rigs on the beta maps and turns the weapon's set screws.

  • There are two adjusted Natasha versions. Both, experienced a decrease by 20% of the stun-effect.
    1. Version1 does 35% less damage.
    2. Version2 does 25% less damage and reduces the health points by 20% as well.
  • On cp_granary, above all, the symmetry of the new entries to the ramp room for RED and BLU has been equalized.
  • On cp_5gorge, next to some minor odds and ends, the middle Cap-Point has been elevated and has no a footbridge on both sides.

For those of you, who haven't seen it yet. Here are some recent images, how the areas around the Capture Points are shaped.

Cap-Point 1:

Cap-Point 2:

Cap-Point 3

Enclosed, the changelog from the steam forums:

--- December 08, 2010 ---



  • Reduced stun effect by 20%
  • Variant 1:
    • -35% damage (was -40)
  • Variant 2:
    • -25% damage
    • -20% health (was -25)


  • cp_5gorge
    • changes to the mid arena:
      • raised cap and connected it to the surrounding space via two bridges
      • added cover on the each side of the main door entrance
      • fully connected the upper catwalk ring
      • fixed missing clips on BLU's upper observation room
      • reduced the amount of health and ammo in the pit
      • clipped the ceiling so the dome edge doesn't snag players
    • reduced defender spawn when on a final cap
  • cp_granary
    • tweaks to the new platforms by the ramproom:
      • extended the length of the platforms
      • made the light models above the platforms symmetrical for RED/BLU
      • made the height of the BLU woodpile near the new platform the same height as RED (for scouts)
    • more playerclips to ease snagging on trim geometry



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